7 Agile Best Practices for Business Analysts [Polarion Webinars]

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Thank you for watching our webinar teaser. View the full recording here: https://www.polarion.com/webinar-on-demand/7-agile-best-practices-for-bas?utm_campaign=YT2015&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube
In today’s hyper-competitive environment, innovation and time to market are the key tenets for success. While software in applications and embedded systems is emerging as the primary agent for innovation, it is also adding complexity. In parallel, Agile has proven to shorten product delivery, but comes with its own set of challenges.

Industry best practices have shown that the key to successfully managing the complexity of today’s development lifecycle is to empower all stakeholders with access to information and functionality they need in their role real-time. Tying all players together with one unifying development environment further accelerates collaboration.

Join us for this webinar to gain detailed insight on how leading organizations have been able to address the changing realities of modern software development, and learn about actionable tactics to achieve product success.


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