Bernie Wrightson, Artist and a Creator of Swamp Thing, Dies at 68 –

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Bernie Wrightson, Artist and a Creator of Swamp Thing, Dies at 68 –
Bernie Wrightson, a widely admired comic book artist who was known for his lush, intricate, otherworldly visions of horror
and who was one of the creators of the popular DC Comics character Swamp Thing, died on March 18 in Austin, Tex.
Besides his comic book work, Mr. Wrightson did illustrations for horror magazines
and novels, including several by Stephen King and Mary Shelley’s 1818 classic, “Frankenstein.” He also contributed character designs for films, including creatures, aliens and ghouls for “The Mist,” “Galaxy Quest” and the original “Ghostbusters.”
But his most famous creation was Swamp Thing, who first appeared in an issue of House of Secrets in 1971.
The comic book writer and artist Walter Simonson, Louise’s husband, who is perhaps best known for his work on Marvel’s Thor, said
that one of the great joys of working then was running into fellow creators at the office.
“They are amazing pieces of work,” said Louise Simonson, a veteran comic book writer and editor.
“You could just look at it and tell he was going somewhere.”
“The Man Who Murdered Himself,” his first published work, appeared in House of Mystery, from DC, in 1969.


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