Empower Network Direct pay system leads strategy

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Empower Network review – Direct pay system review lead strategy formula.
You’re likely viewing this page due to an interest in a business like empower network or Direct Pay system or are hoping to discover the most powerful lead strategy. So make sure you get my free lead strategy video for the most powerful lead strategy at http://www.aim123.info
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The Direct Pay System is a work at home opportunity from Tim Berger, which promises people commissions. I do not believe that the direct pay system scam rumor is true. Just make sure you have great leads in order to have a chance in the direct pay system.
The Direct pay system offers four different levels, each one with their own costs and benefits, to sell internet marketing training DVD packages and systems in order to make commissions.
Direct Pay System commissions
Direct pay system pay says that for each sale you make, you will take 80% of the money earned while 20% of the sale is paid to your sponsor.
Make sure you do a Direct Pay System review
Unfortunately, there is not much real information regarding the Direct Pay System. You must be recommended by a sponsor and pay to sign up before you can get the fullest explanation of the direct pay system, their payment programs, their costs – essentially, the information you would need to determine whether or not you were interested in pursuing this direct pay system business.
Direct pay system does offer some kind of a $1000 Reimbursement Policy which says that if you follow their program correctly for 60 days and cannot get another member to enroll underneath you, Direct pay system will pay you $1000. this type of guarantee policy is at the complete discretion of the Direct pay system, which means they decide whether or not you really followed the instructions or really worked hard enough before they decide to honor the direct pay system guarantee.
Empower Network Scam Review?
When considering a Empower network Review about Empower Network marketing, I would state that this is not a Empower Network scam. Just make sure you have great a great lead source if you are going to have any chance.
What is Empower Network all about?
Empower Network is an online opportunity that will enable their members to earn money. Empower Network does provide marketing training, information products and digital services and a blogging platform.
What will the Empower Network cost?
The basic membership will cost you $25 a month and will give you a blogging site.
• You will have to pay a monthly fee of $19.95 if you wish to promote the Empower Network products and earn commissions.
• The Empower Network Inner Circle membership, will cost a $100 monthly fee.
• If you join Empower Network, you will have several different levels of membership to choose from. Empower Network does not really offer a free trial as such.
• All totaled to join the levels will cost over $3500.
• Empower Network Empower Network Membership Levels
• Empower network has no clear description about their business model nor do they tell new prospects exactly how they will make money or gain success.
Empower Network
Bottom Line…

A concern – Building an Online Business that is not 100% mine. Your blog will still be owned by Empower Network and you will be stuck with the Empower Network template.

The advanced marketers using laser targeted leads for Empower Network will clearly have a better shot than those who are using regular leads.
Thanks for reading my Empower Network review and Direct pay system review.

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