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Benefits of Being a World Global Network Affiliate
The benefits of being a World Global Network affiliate include health, fitness, and business opportunities.

Helo Wrist Band For Health
The HELO’s ground breaking life-sensing digital technology incorporates science with self-care.

Helo affiliates empower people to be able to utilize state-of-the-art technology to monitor their Vital Signs (blood pressure, heart rate, breath rate), as well as fatigue/energy levels, and ECG (electrocardiogram), directly, from wearable technology on their wrist.

Monitor An Entire Family’s Health – The HELO allows family members to monitor (via Blue Tooth technology and the Helo phone App) the health of up to 20 of your family members and loved ones, whether they live in your home with you, or across the country.
Monitor Elderly Relatives – The ability to monitor elderly relatives, or anyone who has health issues.
Panic Button – Every HELO comes with a Panic Button to alert loved ones and caregivers that the HELO wearer is experiencing a health emergency or are in physical danger.
GPS Coordinates – Once the Panic button is pressed, the HELO’s Bluetooth technology connects with your smart phone’s HELO app to alert the caregiver(s).

Your phone sends a text or email message to the caregiver with the address and/or exact GPS coordinates of the person who needs assistance.

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World Global Network’s Affiliate Benefits – Business Opportunity
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Work for yourself
Financial Freedom
No barriers to your earning power. Give yourself your own raises because you have the ability to earn what you are worth.
Free training
No joining fee
Manage your own time
Lucrative Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with a Binary (Dual) Sales Leg System
Bonuses, upgrades, and the ability to be paid on a 10 generation level downline
No requalification needed for TVC (Total Volume Compensation)
Zero chargebacks on subscriptions
Top earning affiliates have the opportunity to earn a LUXURY CAR… Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, with title, tax free.
Paid WEEKLY (straight commission)
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If you would like to join our team of World Changers, feel free to contact us.

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Buy the Family [Executive] Pack. Receive a 20% discount. You will receive 5 HELO smart wrist bands for the price of 4.


Buy the Loyalty Monthly Membership program to enable each of the 5 devices to share data.

Join our team today, to begin your own journey toward saving lives through technology and earning income in the process.

HELO Wrist Band
Helo Family (Executive) Pack – The perfect pack for your family and loved ones with opportunity to empower your business.

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Pro Plan and
Loyalty Membership Program

HELO Health Monitor
Become a World Global Network Affiliate Now.Image result for blank png
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