How does Empower Network pay 100%? Products must be worthless right?

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The 100% commission came from utter frustration with one fact of NM: The reps, who do the heavy lifting – i.e. make the sales and bring in the orders – get paid weenie commissions – usually 5-7% on their ‘group volume’ – the total orders their team brings in. They typically earn 5-130% on customer orders – depending on your personal rank in the company.

This means that if you want to earn $1,000/mo your group needs to bring in $200,000 in orders to the company. And on that $200,000 you earn a measly 5%. Higher ranking peeps earn more, but not a lot more.

The EN plan changes all that. Their mission: Pay reps more per sale than any other company in history.

That’s what they’ve done. Except for copy cats, no one pays more on orders reps bring in, than Empower Network.

That means if you want to get rich quicker, you can. Because you earn so much more per sale.

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