New FreeMyApps Hack April 2017!!Get 1.000.000 free points + Cash Out $2850

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Hi everyone! This is new hack of FreeMyApps 2017 video!
In this video I will introduce how to earn well 1.000.000 free points and quickly. After generating the points I’ll show you how to redeem the money on paypal account. I thanks to the points, I did well thanks to freemyapps 2,850.73 USD DOLLARS.
It is a good method to earn money quickly and in a simple way.I would like to thank the Anonymous group for this new hack. Thanks to them we can earn a lot of money.


So if you have downloaded freemyapps from hacked link: (thank again the group Anonymous for creating hacked link ) and then you have to download any successful app and then go for 30 seconds, only then you will be able to bypass the security systems of freemyapps and redeem points. Thus, if you did everything correctly, instead of receiving the points of the app that you downloaded, the hack will activate and receive 1,000,000 free points.

P.S. If you’ve already downloaded freemyapps, you will need to change the identity of your android or ios device for working hack.

ℹ THE HACKED LINK FOR DOWNLOAD FreeMyApps ✔ ➡ or hacked code: 2c9cc33c


Step 1 – Download FreeMyApps from the hacked link ➡ ✔

Step 2 – Sign up new with a new facebook account

Step 3 –
In order to bypass the security systems of freemyapps, you have to download an app from Aplications with sucess and do not forget to enter 30 seconds in the application in order to receive the points.

Step 4 –
Once past the 30 seconds, the app exits discharged and given a refresh to freemyapps

Step 5- Enjoy your 1.000.000 free point !!!


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