Empowr è il nuovo social network che sta rivoluzionando il mondo dei social.Il loro concetto è molto chiaro. Condividere parte dei loro guadagni con gli iscritti al loro sito. In parole povere, loro ci pagheranno [More]
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About empowr empowr is an experiment–a partnership between academia and tech entrepreneurs that’s attempting to deliver a democratized social media …
Empowr is an ex Fanbox.com, it offers the advertising services on a social network platform, marketplace and a revenue share earning model for the webpage users. The entire transcription, an article in here, and more [More]
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Empowr is a “democratic” social media platform that puts its users or they say citizens in control. When I say In Control, I mean you’re in control of what ads you see and to who [More]
You have to validate through PayPal before you can receive any payments through empowr social network.
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